Monday, June 4, 2012

This blog is pretty hideous right now, but I want you to like, love me for my mind, you know?

Sorry. The best relationships always start out with an apology, right? Right?

I am Tini, 26 years of age, married, working, fairly lucky.

This place is called The Invincible for a few reasons. I want to be able to talk about my successes and feel like a boss. I want to be able to talk about where I've come from and how and why it didn't grind me into a soft mushy paste. And I want to be able to talk about topics I like to talk about, like comic books and such, which is what brings me to The Invincible as a title. One; because it's an obvious Iron Man reference if you know me, and two; because the way it refers to him is the way i refer to it personally as an ideal. The guy's not invincible because he's got a metal suit, that thing gets trashed all the time. He's invincible because of his mind, he can think his way out of anything. Isn't that a nice ideal to aspire to?

See, don't I have good ideas? Right?

If you've ever watched the first episode of a new talk show, where the host gets up in front of the audience and desperately pleads for them to realize why their talk show is different ("We're gonna talk about LIFE, and RELATIONSHIPS, and stuff, yanno? We're gonna GO THERE! Where other people don't GO! That's where we're going! THERE!") you can sense my discomfort with this whole first post.

Look, I did it! Here it is! I'm open to suggestions. Bestow them upon me.

Coming soon: posts about feminism, fitness, comics, articles I read, and likely at least one where I give up and just post pictures of baby sloths

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  1. Helloooo I am your super secret friend with a super secret blog. No moustache diapers yet, but SOON.